9-12 JANUARY 2023

The most powerful and transformational experience and a big gift to yourself

Grab your space for just £59 and join the ACTIVATE ALCHEMY COMMUNITY


Are you longing for your life to feel and BE different?

Even if you have convinced yourself there is no hope now

What if I told you even in the problems there are gifts

Even when things are incredibly hard there is a way for your life to be transformed


Activate alchemy is the invitation to create your future and bring your dreams alive

What if right now you could change the course of your life - in just 4 days

Are you ready to create some much-needed healing in your mind, body and soul and to become best friends with your SELF?

We are going to have magical experiences, Create infinite joy and deep heart-felt connections over 4 days (via the magic of ZOOM)

IN this 4 day event you will be:

acknowledging the past and limiting beliefs you hold

⭐ closing that book and starting again from a place of clarity, empowerment and self trust

There will be:

⭐ Embodiment and movement practices (QI Gong, self massage, joint mobilisation, dance)

⭐ Educational pieces about choices and aligned action

⭐ Why creativity and courage help you feel empowered again

It will be 4 glorious days of FUN, LAUGHTER, LESSONS, BREATHWORK, FUTURE VISIONING, NIA DANCE and a whole lot more

And it will only cost you £59 to attend the WHOLE event

Are you ready to go from:

✨ overwhelm to excitement

✨ heaviness to joy

✨ anxiety to peace

✨ dissatisfaction to fulfilment

Come and experience much-needed healing in your mind, body and soul and become best friends with yourself

No matter what you are up to there will be session for you

We are spreading the event - 3 sessions a day:




What you get when you join:


Rites of Passage Ceremony

Together we will:

⭐ Mark the end of one life phase

⭐ Activate alchemy, with life visioning and future dreaming

⭐ Begin a new year with the highest of magical vibes


Breathwork Sessions

3 incredible and transformative Breathwork sessions to surrender the past and move into a state of joy and bliss - all to an incredible and sublime soundscape with shamanic drums and sound healing instruments


Group Coaching

Experience the power of deep coaching and lightbulb moments. Feel yourself become empowered, clear and excited whilst being loved and seen and supported by a beautiful community. From this place you can take aligned action to create ALCHEMY in your life


Movement medicine

You will be moving and shaking and letting go to bring freedom, connection and juiciness to your glorious body. Give yourself the greatest gift of motion being lotion for your much loved (and often under appreciated) body

Plus there will be:

⭐ Daily alchemy activations and celebrations

⭐ Self Massage to release toxins and let in LOVE

⭐ Voice journey workshop - to let out that much needed and often quietened self expression

⭐ Movement practices to awaken your Kundalini energy

Start your year with the highest of vibes in a glorious community

Natasha is a teacher and medicine woman - she weaves JOY, EMPOWERMENT, FUN and WISDOM along with powerful awakenings to bring high vibe alchemy to your life.

And the best news yet, she also teaches you how to create transformation in other people's lives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I attend?

We will be running all of the sessions in Natasha’s personal ZOOM room and there will be some additional magic happening over in the private Facebook group community

What if I cant make it?

Absolutely no problem. We will record ALL of the sessions and you can catch up in your own time. You are very welcome to do this and will still get all of the transformational alchemy. 

How do I get the most out of Activate Alchemy?

We would love you to attend as many sessions as you can LIVE so that you are fully embraced by the community and all the magic that happens in the moment and so you can be part of the group coaching and all other activities.  

Is there Homework?

There will be some optional invitations - all of which are non-compulsory (they are focussed on you having some fun and laughing more than anything)We do provide a workbook with journalling prompts to take you through each day

What happens after

We want you to stay part of our gorgeous community and will keep the Facebook group open so we can all keep connected 

Join now for just £59

© Copyright 2022 Natasha de Grunwald